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Crescent Moon Ear Cuff :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 3 Sexy Orion :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 1 Elven Ear Cuff- Plain :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 3 8 Cheerleading Yoake :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 4 0 Three String Black and Blue Necklace :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 2 0 Semi-colon Yin-Yang Tattoo :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 1
The Cruelty of Time
Time flows with such indifference,
Each tick of the clock moving on mercilessly,
And yet varying on how quickly it goes by.
Some times it moves blessedly fast,
Life passing with nary a thought to now,
And yet more often than not,
It crawls by so achingly slow.
Moment by moment passes,
Making the pain inescapable,
As you suffer what seems endlessly.
Left wishing for rare moments of joy to be frozen,
To never have to leave them behind,
Wishing for a future that is worth waiting for,
Worth experiencing the pain of now.
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 0
Cat bed cover :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 1 1
Music invades my thoughts,
I am supposed to be writing,
But inspiration evades me.
I sip at my drink,
A taste of rich chocolate fills my mouth,
Then put the cup down with a muffled thump.
With a sigh of longing and frustration,
My gaze wanders around the room lazily,
Noting each person,
All of their differences and similarities.
Now I look down to the page,
And across it there are words written,
And I realize,
I have been writing this whole time.
I laugh.
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 3 0
I don't understand what to do,
Why don't they want to see what is true?
I am becoming deaf, I cannot hear,
Why are the things coming true that I fear?
I am becoming numb, I cannot feel,
Why can't they see from this I will never heal?
I am becoming blind, I cannot see,
Why are they continuing to hurt me?
I still don't understand what to do,
They still don't know what is true,
I am still becoming deaf, and cannot hear,
The things that are coming, I still fear,
I am still becoming numb, and cannot feel,
From this I still will never heal,
Although I am not becoming blind, I still cannot see,
This is still hurting me.
I am not blind, all I see is red,
Red, the color of blood and the dead.
How much I want to die,
How much they don't know why.
A question constantly on my mind,
Why can they not be kind?
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 0
Her golden hair falls over her face like that of a sun setting,
Hiding her face from her surroundings to be in her own world,
Where her thoughts and imagination can run rampant,
Leaping like baby unicorn colts through a forest meadow.
Her deep blue eyes are like the hidden depths of the mysterious sea,
Hiding the deep dark, and beautiful things resident within,
Mystifying all that try to peer within and decipher what they see.
Slender willow branches appear in one's mind as they see her body,
For she seems to sway back and forth with the winds of change,
Never giving in, but never trying to oppose.
Her quietness is like that of a stillness so profound, it makes you think,
It makes you wonder what goes through her mind,
What thoughts flit back and forth as hummingbirds do between flowers.
When she speaks her voice is quiet splashing waves against the shore,
Being a quiet encouragement and relaxing to one's mind in times of pain,
Always there, leaving you always with a rock to hold,
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 2 0
The Fire
The fire ignites within my soul,
It's a small flame, just barely there,
They don't understand.
The fire grows within my body,
It's not that big yet, barely noticed,
They really just don't understand.
The fire continues to grow,
It's a bonfire now, I can feel it burning,
Disbelief of how much they don't understand.
The fire explodes, burning all around,
It's a wild fire, and it's eating me,
They don't even WANT to understand.
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 2 2
Mature content
The Dagger :icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 0
That Song
I got a song stuck in my head last night,
I don't know why, but it seems just right.
"And I ran..."
It's not like the lyrics mean anything special to me,
So why did this come to be?
"I ran so fary away..."
Maybe it means something to me in a way?
What can I say?
"All night and day..."
Could it be because I had so much fun,
And from my problems I had run?
"I couldn't get away..."
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 3 0
As I look into the mirror,
Like trying to search a crystal ball,
I wonder if this is what everyone sees,
As drops of crystalline water falls,
I wonder what they see,
The answer is so far,
That they say those hurtful things,
That my self-esteem they mar,
I close the windows to my soul,
Trying to keep out all light,
Maybe it won't hurt if I don't look,
So I keep them shut tight,
I put my hands over my ears,
Trying to block sound out,
Maybe it won't hurt if I don't hear the words,
I wonder what it's all about,
But by now it's too late,
The blows have been wrought,
The feelings won't go away,
By my mind the memories are caught.
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 1 0
I don't know why they think what they do,
Saying that we always lied, that is so not true!
When I said how I felt to their faces,
I never said elsewhere in any places.
But they never seemed to see,
How much they hurt me.
Attacking me in all ways,
Making me regret living my days,
Saying that my feelings were a lie,
Used to make me want to die.
I never told them everything in my heart,
Because they'd always analyze and tear apart,
They never just supported what said,
Made me want to be dead.
But through that all,
Even at my hardest fall,
I never stopped caring,
I never stopped daring,
To hope that they would see what was true,
So I don't know why they think what they do!
:icontigerkytti:Tigerkytti 0 0

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